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All You Want Is Greece

When pondering where to travel for your next vacation, it’s wise to ask yourself one important question: “What do you want?” Do you want a destination where the local history is so captivating and so deep you can dive into it for days? Do you want to taste flavors so exceptionally fresh and honest that you’ll be fantasizing about them long after the trip has ended? Do you want scenery so inspiring that you’ll consider moving there permanently? After a difficult year and a half that you would probably want to leave behind, all you want is a place that embraces you as strongly as you embrace it. A place tailor-made for you. All you want is Greece.

Read on to learn more about the many sides of Greece that are a pure joy to discover while on vacation. Then, contact your travel advisor to design the ideal itinerary for you.


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Greece is a true paradise for the culturally curious, an unforgettable journey into history and art. Here you can visit countless monuments in both the open air and in museums, along with vast collections of ancient and modern art. Archaeological sites — from the mighty Acropolis in Athens to the island sanctuary of Delos — always leave you awestruck while making the past come alive. Numerous civilizations shaped the land here, leaving their footprints for all to admire.

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Republics and emperors have come and gone, yet the food in Greece — the tender grilled lamb and chunky salads, the fresh-caught fish and finger-licking pastries — has stayed the same. Why tamper with perfection? It’s that ode to tradition and simplicity that keeps these regional dishes treasured worldwide. Healthy, flavor-packed and visually resplendent, Greek cuisine may be difficult to pronounce—just try wrapping your tongue around kolokithokeftedes when ordering zucchini fritters—yet it’s relatively easy to savor throughout the mainland and the isles.


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With 80% of the country’s landscape mountainous, you’ll find breathtaking views in nearly every direction. Couple the geographic splendor on display — ancient caves and gorges, alpine forests teeming with biodiversity, historic volcanoes — with its mild climate, and you have the perfect recipe for outdoor adventures. Yet when it comes to natural beauty, the Greek Isles are in a world of their own. When the mesmerizing deep blue waters of the Mediterranean fill your eyes, you may find it difficult to blink.

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Why is Greece a popular year-round destination for travelers? Because the country is full of theatres, music venues, cute cafés, night clubs, pampering spas, fashion boutiques, traditional markets and trendy restaurants open all year. Add in an accessible coastline chock-full with idyllic beaches and hidden coves, and you have many, many ways to rest, relax and make the most of your time here. Your days can be filled with as much activity, or as little, as you wish.


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Of course, the birthplace of the Olympic Games can provide you with ample ways to get your blood pumping. In between exploring archeological wonders, you can hike mountain trails on Mt. Parnassos, enjoy sea views while bouldering on Kalymnos, hit the slopes on Mt. Vassilitsa, search for gods while rafting near Mt. Olympus or kayak down Pineios River, just to name a few. After which, you can enjoy one of the most popular outdoor activities in the country — drinking ouzo over ice at an open-air taverna.

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With one of the longest coastlines in the world — almost 10,000 miles — Greece is a veritable playground for those seeking sun-and-fun. Crystal clear Mediterranean waters can easily be enjoyed in sheltered bays and coves, golden stretches of sand with high dunes, pebble beaches, coastal caves with steep rocks and dark volcanic sandy shores. Cruising the Greek Isles, whether in a larger cruise ship or smaller yacht, is the best way to sink your toes into as many beaches as possible.


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